"Living in sky~Living in your sky~" CD-BOOK

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The first newly written work by Masato Odake, who wrote the lyrics for EXILE, J SOUL BROTHERS III , and recently EXILE TAKAHIRO "One Thousand and One Seconds", and continued to write lyrics that will remain in the hearts of many as an up-and-coming lyricist! !!

The first novel with a theme song in history!
Comes with a CD of "Living in your sky" sung by J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE !!

Written by: Masato Odake
Publisher: Kodansha
Page 282

Naomi, the hero who became a resident of a high-rise condominium in the city center with his cat due to the sudden death of his parents.
It was a mysterious space where you could feel the floating and unrealistic feeling as if you were living in the "sky".
In order to fill the feeling of great loss that I had, I happened to meet a celebrity who lives in the same apartment where I exchanged words.
Knowing that he is in love, he gets into the depths of black affairs, while his irreplaceable cat, Hana, dies of an incurable disease.
Collapse, remorse, desperation, self-loathing ...
Naomi is a mixture of various emotions and gradually breaks down.
It was the devoted encouragement and love of the relatives and friends who brought her to the condominium that restored her rough life.
Naomi who is helped by them and eventually regains himself.
And I still live in the "sky".
A calm, grounded way of life.
"People can only be saved by people."
A story of loss and rebirth with a contemporary theme that can happen to anyone.



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