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■ "EXILE TRIBE Otokojyu" Blu-ray / DVD 3rd released!
Broadcasted on Hokkaido-limited terrestrial waves (Hokkaido Culture Broadcasting / Fuji Television) in May 2014, and this season has reached season 6 “EXILE TRIBE Ojinburi” (Every Saturday from 17:00 to 17:30) Blu- The third ray / DVD is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.
In this program, five artists from Hokkaido, LDH affiliated artists, EXILE SHOKICHI, Sho Aoyagi, SWAY, Masayasu Yagi, and KEISEI, explored “new charms” while traveling around their hometowns in Hokkaido, and enlivened Hokkaido. Document variety program going on. If you can see a glimpse of the faces of five people who are not seen in everyday activities, it became a hot topic among fans nationwide, and the first Blu-ray / DVD "EXILE TRIBE Ojinbi Begins-Everything Starts Here" 2018 July On March 10th, the second edition of “EXILE TRIBE Ojin Journey 2-We Know Home again” was released on March 20, 2019.
The third installment is a selection of 12 episodes that became a hot topic among fans on the SNS from the second season of season 5 broadcasts that started in October 2018. SWAY and Masayasu Yagi challenged professional wrestling and went up to the ring “Nemuro”, SHOKICHI and SWAY telling the world's attractiveness of temperatures of minus 10 degrees or less “Journey to enjoy the extreme cold Tokachi” A lot of attractive works such as “Journey of Masayasu Yagi & KEISEI Niseko Study Abroad” which draws a love story with a woman I met on a trip. Also included is a special reconstruction support project where SHOKICHI, Sho Aoyagi, and KEISEI visited the devastated areas of the Eastern Hokkaido Iburi Earthquake.

■ Special travel plan for men "EXILE SHOKICHI's first solo tour UNDERDOGG adhesion document" Uncut full version is recorded in the double volume.
In addition, as a double main part, the special project `` SHOKICHI's first solo tour adhesion document '' which was broadcast three times in the summer of 2019 and became a hot topic on SNS added an unreleased video, the long-awaited uncut full version of the fan As recorded. Close to SHOKICHI who is trying to express his half life through music on his first solo tour. It is a valuable record that approaches only the true feelings of SHOKICHI, which can only be made by men.
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Release date

November 20, 2019

Recording contents

-Main story (1) "Men Journey" Season 5 second half selection x 12 episodes (about 240 minutes total)
Season5 # 24 `` SWAY & Masayasu Yagi Journey to Find Nemuro Andregiant Giant Panda ① '' (2018/11/10)
Season5 # 25 “SWAY & Masayasu Yagi Journey to Find Nemuro Andre Giant Panda ②” (2018/11/17)
Season5 # 26 “SWAY & Masayasu Yagi Journey to Find Nemuro Andre Giant Panda ③” (2018/12/1)
Season5 # 27 `` SWAY & Masayasu Yagi Journey to Find Nemuro Andre Giant Panda ④ '' (2018/12/15)
Season5 # 31 `` SHOKICHI & SWAY A trip to enjoy Tokachi in the cold 1 '' (2019/2/2)
Season5 # 32 “SHOKICHI & SWAY Journey to enjoy the frigid Tokachi ②” (2019/2/9)
Season5 # 33 “SHOKICHI & SWAY A trip to enjoy the frigid Tokachi 3” (2019/2/16)
Season5 # 34 "Yasugi Masayasu & KEISEI's first love story of a man's trip !? Trip to study in Niseko ①" (2019/2/23)
Season5 # 35 “Yasugi Masayasu & KEISEI First Travel Story for Men !? Trip to Niseko ②” (2019/3/2)
Season5 # 36 “Yasugi Masayasu & KEISEI The first love story of a man's trip !? Trip to study in Niseko ③” (2019/3/9)
Season5 # 20 Special Edition `` SHOKICHI & Sho Aoyagi & KEISEI Iburi Eastern Earthquake Recovery Support Project (1) '' (2018/10/13)
Season5 # 21 Special Edition `` SHOKICHI & Sho Aoyagi & KEISEI Project for Reconstruction Supporting Eastern Earthquake ② (2018/10/20)

● Main part ② Uncut Blu-ray / DVD original editing (about 50 minutes)
"EXILE SHOKICHI's first solo tour" UNDERDOGG "close document uncut complete version"
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Release / Distributor

LDH music & publishing

Planning / Production

Hokkaido Culture Broadcasting





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