EXILE HIRO "Chatter"

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"The big turning point of EXILE was, if you think about it, a decision because I was chattering."

The most realistic life philosophy essay of a man who is attracting attention not only from fans but also from the entertainment industry and everyone who works.

Because it's chattering !?
Take root and take measures so that you will never fail.
A number of projects that made a lot of noise in order to keep EXILE shining.
It was a great success because of its chatty personality.

What is the ideal form of entertainment that EXILE HIRO, who retired from the performer at the end of last year, talks about !?
The tight unity between the members that everyone envy, and the whereabouts of the ever-expanding EXILE family.
How did dance-loving guys everywhere realize their dreams, and what is EXILE in the future?

A surprisingly meticulous and realistic life guidance book for everyone with dreams.

■ Chapter 1 Retirement
Retirement day. / Destiny to die. / Vessel problem. / Is EXILE over? / Intangible plan. / Audition gimmick. / A hurt story. / Schedule life.

■ Chapter 2 Stupid
Because we could do this. / Street smart. / If the song sings. / Ultimate live. / How to split your abs into six. / Curiosity about the past. / Opportunity and Kotodama. / Don't lose to old age. / Looking from below.

■ Chapter 3 Team
Enthusiasm does not last. / Lies and courtesy are a single piece of paper. / From self-love to humanity. / Parent's measuring rod. / Anticipate the future. / The power of the team, its whereabouts.

■ Chapter 4 Aibo
The difference of age. / Love and respect. / Occupational disease.

■ Chapter 5 Dreams and Reality
Dreams call dreams. / Don't decide your own vessel. / Entertainment. / Balance between good self and bad self. /Wish Upon a Star. / Identify and give up. / Zero = infinity. / Chatter again.

Publisher: Gentosha
Specifications: B6 size deformation / normal production
Number of pages: 368 pages



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