Let's dance in Japan! DANCE EARTH JAPAN

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Japanese festivals are the most wonderful dance paradise in the world!
World-recognized dancer EXILE ÜSA
The strongest & best dance trip book

The more I traveled around the world, the more I wanted to know about Japan.
If you visit the festival, you can get to know the hearts of Japanese people.

Yoshihiro Usami (EXILE ÜSA), who danced with people from all over the world and danced rhythms from all over the world, embarked on a journey to connect the hearts of Japan with "festivals" all over Japan.
"I want to create a LOVE & FREE moment in the land by traveling in Japan, dancing with people from all over the country, and becoming one."
With that feeling in mind, we recorded 12 dance trips that jumped into festivals all over Japan and interacted with various people.
The strongest and best dance trip book is born, filled with words that spell out the straightforward feelings written by the dancing traveler USA and the pictures of the scene filled with the atmosphere of the scene taken by the photographer Meisa Fujishiro.

1. Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture "Izumo, the place of origin"
2. Furano City, Hokkaido "Hokkaido Belly Button Festival"
3. Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture "Aomori Nebuta Festival"
4. Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture "Yosakoi Festival"
5. Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture "Awa Odori"
6. Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture "Awa Dance"
7. Gujo Odori, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture
8. "Himeshima Bon Odori", Himeshima Village, Higashikunisaki County, Oita Prefecture
9. Kushiro City, Hokkaido "Marimo Festival"
10. Ise City, Mie Prefecture "Ise Grand Shrine Festival"
11. Semboku City, Akita Prefecture "Fire Swing Kamakura"
12. Kushiro City, Hokkaido "Ice Festival"

Sentence: Yoshihiro Usami (EXILE ÜSA)
Photo: Meisa Fujishiro
Published / Released: A-works
A5 size, 256P, full color



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