GEKKAN EXILE 2021 November issue

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22 years ago. In 1999, five unknown dance and vocalists formed the group "J Soul Brothers", the predecessor of EXILE.
The dance and vocal group "EXILE" debuted on September 27, 2001.
EXILE is now popular as one of Japan's leading national artists, and currently LDH has more than 150 artists.
At that time, it was a departure with only six members. After that, he made his debut in September 2001 with the single "Your eyes only ~ Ambiguous My Outline ~".
In 2003, achieved million sales with the album "EXILE ENTERTAINMENT". He has grown into an artist who symbolizes the times.
From the birth of the group EXILE to the present, he sometimes performed in front of his fans as a performer.
EXILE HIRO, who has sometimes led the group from behind as a producer, deserves the name of Mr. EXILE.
What does EXILE HIRO think at the turning point of celebrating the 20th anniversary of its debut?
Here, he talked about his past, present, future, as well as his thoughts on EXILE.

In 1994, TOSHIO MATSUMOTO, EXILE ÜSA, and EXILE MAKIDAI formed the dance team "BABY NAIL".
Because of the exceptionally high dance skills of the Japanese dance scene, which was underground at the time,
The names of the three were well known throughout the industry. In 1998, he joined EXILE's predecessor, "J Soul Brothers".
Twenty years after EXILE was born in 2001, the activities and private environment have changed, but we are still moving forward together.
This time, TOSHIO MATSUMOTO, EXILE ÜSA, and EXILE MAKIDAI, who are members of "BABY NAIL" and original members of EXILE,
Now, 20 years after his debut, he talked about the future of EXILE while looking back on those days.

EXILE ATSUSHI joined EXILE's predecessor "J Soul Brothers" in 2001.
Until he graduated in November last year, he established himself as a vocalist of EXILE.
In the last 20 years, EXILE ATSUSHI's gentle yet powerful singing ability and jewel-like lyrics spun from miraculous beautiful voices
There must be many people who have pushed their backs, who have been impressed, who have received power, and who have added color to their lives.
From Chapter 3 to Chapter 4, original members such as EXILE HIRO, TOSHIO MATSUMOTO, EXILE ÜSA, and EXILE MAKIDAI retired one after another.
When a big hole is made in the group, he becomes a pillar of EXILE, and sometimes as an unsung hero.
Sometimes, as a frontman of the group, he showed the success of Hachimenroppi and gave EXILE a new breeze at that time.
Here, we asked EXILE ATSUSHI, who is familiar with the group from the dawn of the group to the latest EXILE, about their candid thoughts on the 20th anniversary of their debut.
What does EXILE mean to EXILE ATSUSHI?

EXILE celebrated its 20th anniversary on September 27, 2021. Since its major debut in 2001, it has changed many times.
EXILE continues to deliver Love, Dream, Happiness all over Japan and around the world. In "GEKKAN EXILE", we will deliver a special gravure to commemorate the 20th anniversary!
Furthermore, a roundtable discussion was held with the members of Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4. What are the members talking about EXILE so far and what is EXILE in the future?



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