RIKU 1st Photobook Life is Beautiful

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RIKU's first photo book with the best body ever!

The 1st photo book packed with the charm of RIKU is completed. The first half of the photo book is "ON RIKU", which is a challenge by applying body paint to her trained body, and the second half is "OFF RIKU", which is full of her chest squeeze shots that you can enjoy her eyes. In addition, there is also a column page about her usual training, glass beer glass making experience that RIKU wanted to do, her hobby soccer and her favorite accessories. In addition, there are plenty of contents that approach the true face of RIKU, such as question corners from all members and fans, history & interviews, etc. A book where you can enjoy RIKU that you have never seen.

■ Scheduled release date
Thursday, December 23

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Format: A4
* Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.

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