Is it okay to be a bad man? Blu-ray box

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■ Story
Gonta Tamachi (Keita Machida), who has been easily influenced by those around him since childhood, was disappointed when he failed in his job search. However, when the photo he posted happened to go viral on social media, he began to post a false version of himself every day. Her grandmother, Katsuyo (Yoshiko Miyazaki), was asked by her mother to go to Tokyo to see how she was doing. ! ' and a strong slap. When she wakes up, the contents of Gonta and Katsuyo have been switched.

■ Bonus footage
Drama documentaries, original author interviews, etc.
*Subject to change.

■Enclosed benefits
Booklet (planned)

■ Specifications
2022 / Japan / Color / Main story + bonus (recording minutes undecided) / 16:9 1080i High Definition / 1 layer / Audio: Linear PCM 2.0ch stereo (Japanese) / 8 main episodes + 4 documentary episodes / 4 discs Set (3 main stories + 1 bonus)
*Specifications are subject to change.

■ Cast
Keita Machida, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Mai Fukagawa, Seishiro Kato

■ Staff
Original: Nozomi Omori "Is it no good to be a useless man? ] (Mecha Comic Original)
Screenplay: Kazuhisa Kodera, Shota Gato
Director: Isamu Ota (TV Tokyo), Noryu Yamada, Yuichi Katayama
Music: Scat Goto
[OP theme] Van de Shop "If you become a comedy hero" (Knowledge Entertainment)
[ED theme] THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE "Change MY Life" (rhythm zone)
Documentary producer: Isamu Ota (TV Tokyo), Muneo Miyagawa (Horipro), Mitsuhiko Hisada (Dream Up), Daisuke Ishizaki (Amutus)
Drama Producer: Isamu Ota (TV Tokyo) Muneo Miyagawa (Horipro)
Production work: "Boku Dora" Production Committee
Production: TV Tokyo Horipro
Production cooperation: Amutus

■ Distributor
"Bokudora" Production Committee

■ Distributor

© "Bokudora" Production Committee



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