"JAM -the drama-/JAM -The Recital-" Blu-ray

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■Product description
Any guy can shine! Dramatic fate entertainment!
Gekidan EXILE's major media mix project <JAM -the project->
A new story woven by the genius director SABU, based on the world view of the movie "jam", an entertainment movie starring GEKIDAN EXILE that received acclaim at film festivals around the world. Sho Aoyagi and SWAY are enka singers!? Keita Machida is launching an entertainment agency!? Nobuyuki Suzuki is a singer-songwriter? Hyper JAM SESSION drama. Then, jumping out of movies and dramas, it was staged as a hybrid entertainment show.

The extravagant bonus footage includes behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the drama, a valuable press conference, and footage of a round-table discussion distributed exclusively to ABEMA's PPV purchasers, all of which will fully capture JAM's charm! In addition, a booklet full of unreleased cuts is also included!

■ Specifications
Blu-ray DISC 2-layer, 2-disc set / with booklet / in a three-sided back case

■ Recorded contents
<main story>
・"JAM -the drama-" (8 episodes)
・"JAM -The Recital-" (Performance at Tokyo Garden Theater on Thursday, November 11, 2021)
<Video benefits>
・Special video collection
・Collection of music trailers: "I will be your everything" "I can't go home with tears tonight"
・Music Video Collection: “Kimi no all ni I will be”, “Fleeting”, “Camon!”, “NEED UR LOVE”
・"JAM -the drama-" making video
・Production announcement press conference
・Round-table discussion video (video distributed only to ABEMA PPV purchasers)
・"JAM -The Recital-" making video
・Movie "DANCING MARY" trailer

■ Release / Distributor

©JAM -the project-



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