HiGH&LOW SEASON 1 Complete BOX[Blu-ray]

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"HiGH & LOW" DVD & Blu-ray 
Release to be released on 20th April 20! 

EXILE TRIBE challenges new, unprecedented entertainment! 
World's first comprehensive entertainment project! 

The legend opens the curtain from a city. 

Once a legendary team named Mugen took control of this area. 
Thanks to its overwhelming power, the area was rather governed. 
However, there was a brother who shared with each other at the same time without giving in to domination of Mugen, such as Amemiya brothers. 
Mugen broke up suddenly as a result of a certain incident without settling, brothers Amemiya also disappeared. 
And five organizations emerged in the district. 
Taking the initials of each team is called the SWORD district, the gangs there are called like this - G - SWORD. 

San fans second generation fight fighter "Sanwa Federation Association" White devil of temptation "White Rascals" Ridiculous evil high school "Devil High School" Phantom of the Ruthless City "RUDE BOYS" Breakthrough Family "Tamahi Family" The fight with pride by these five teams is beginning to start. 

The story begins with the Sanwa Federation. 
With the president / cobra, Yamato, Dan, Tetsu etc. Unique personality members come together One thought of the Sanwa Federation is to protect this city. 
They were avoiding useless clashes like disturbing the peace of the city, but the situation quickly expanded with the appearance of a man, the SWORD equilibrium will collapse ... 

Drama of the EXILE TRIBE artist's total appearance broadcasted on 1 television in Japan TV in October 2015 
Release season 1 (10 stories total) of "HiGH & LOW THE STORY OF S.W.O.R. D" on luxury BOX! 

【Luxury privilege】 
· 3-way back box specification 
- Photo booklet inclusion 
· Bonus video recording



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