"NIGHT HERO NAOTO" Blu-ray BOX [First edition limited]

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EXILE NAOTO series first drama starring!
“NIGHT HERO NAOTO”is decided to be DVD & Blu-ray as soon as possible!

~ Benefits ~
[First-run limited bonus] ≪Blu-ray BOX [First-run limited] ≫
● NIGHT HERO SP photo book
* Please note that this privilege is not included in the DVD BOX.

[Enclosed benefits] ≪Blu-ray BOX [First edition limited] / DVD BOX common≫
● Original logo sticker

[Video bonus] ≪Blu-ray BOX [First edition limited] / DVD BOX common≫
① Making of Night Hero
A making documentary from crank-in to crank-up.
The world of fiction in which NAOTO builds up a night hero = the making up centered on the perspective of actor NAOTO. There are plenty of highlights such as precious off-shots during shooting and action scenes that you have focused on. In addition, EXILE and J SOUL BROTHERS III document parts also use undisclosed footage with other members who are not OA. NAOTO's super-realistic documentary with superb performances and heroes that couldn't be drawn on the air. A full version that incorporates the charm of “Night Hero NAOTO” that can only be seen here!

② Director's cut version of the main story
Includes a full version of the main part with unreleased video that could not be broadcast.

The dance scene with NAOTO and world-class dancers that was broadcast in the drama end roll is recorded in an uncut version!

④Drama completion report press conference
Recorded drama completion report interview held just before the start of the broadcast.
NAOTO, YUINA KUROSHIMA, HOKA KINOSHITA, and HAJIME GONNO look back on the episodes at the time of shooting.



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