Gekkan EXILE August issue separate volume HiGH&LOW THE BOOK

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Drama, SNS, comic, Hulu, original best album, movie, live ...... 
The world's first comprehensive entertainment "HiGH & LOW" which is gathered with all kinds of entertainment, and is being disseminated through multifaceted entertainment. 

One of the culmination of "HiGH & LOW", and a new start, theatrical version "HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE" will be released nationwide from July 16th. 

In celebration of the release, the original book "HiGH & LOW THE BOOK" completely covering "HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE" is released in the form of a monthly issue EXILE August issue separate volume! 

Total page number 176 pages, "HiGH & LOW THE BOOK" monopoly cast visuals plus cast interviews also posted !! 

In addition, "HiGH & LOW THE BOOK" leads to a new "HiGH & LOW". 

EXILE TRIBE STATION will start selling on November 16 (Sat) noon !! 
※ Product delivery will be after July 19th. 
* The TOKYO · OSAKA store will be on sale from July 19. 

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176 pages All color



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