TAKANORI IWATA photo essay "AZZURRO" [special limited edition]

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Go Iwata who left for Italy.
Walk along the old streets of Europe and extend to Lake Como, which many of its predecessors loved in history loved.
Having forgotten the time on the side of the wall and thinking ...
Everyday of the battle as a member of EXILE TRIBE.
My feelings for the family I love more than anything.
The bittersweet memories of studying for the exam.
An unforgettable experience with old friends.
Ideal love relationship where each other is independent.
Unique fashion rules that project the inside.
The reverse complex which has been kept forever?
Undecorated message for all members of J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE.
And after 10 years as an artist, after 30 years-.

For the first time in a rage white, TAKANORI IWATA's real heart that has never been told.

Completely taken down, the special limited edition comes with a making DVD & specially made sticker containing the scene taken in Italy!

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