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Three people were supposed to be together forever since the time of a brat. 
My older brother, Masaki Amemiya (TAKAHIRO) who always innocently makes my brother laugh, my younger brother who does not emotionally · Hiromuto Amemiya (Hiroyuki Hayasaka). 
While they are contrasting, they were tied by an invisible bond. 

They have an older brother - Amemiya Minoru (Saito Engineer) who respects from the bottom of my heart. 
The bonds between the three brothers who lost their parents when they were young are hard, Yintori said to his brothers, "Fist can be used to protect the important thing". 
But one year ago, Takumoru disappeared suddenly from the front of the two. 
Then my brother kept looking for his elder brother. 

The reunited parents' death anniversary. 
Mr. Masaki and Hiroto visit the grave of the family, expecting the dragon. 
However, what appeared there was a mysterious girl named Aika Naruse (Miki Yoshimoto) with a clue from where elder brother was going. 

Why did Takashi disappear, leaving Masaki and Hiroto? 
When the truth is deceived one after another by following the way of Yinling, the Amamiya Brothers' secret hidden in the past becomes clear. 
And what is the destiny that the three brothers follow? 

DISC1.HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN main part 
DISC2. Schedule to record bonus footage 

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