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Delivered with a significantly increased number of pages, mainly in the world that could not be expressed in the previous work "Spin" that shot tens of thousands of cuts in various parts of Japan.
The photographer is Masatoshi Nagase, an actor and photographer who deepened his friendship through the co-starring of the movie "Vision" directed by Naomi Kawase.

[Concept explanation of this work by TAKANORI IWATA and Masatoshi Nagase]
After the announcement of "Spin", I heard from many fans and acquaintances that "I want to see more of the world of two people" and "I took tens of thousands of shots at a talk show." I want you to release the work that has been buried in the world. " It's from all over the world. We were always talking to each other to meet that expectation. Unfortunately, in order to evolve the work that could not be introduced in "Spin" into a new world view, and to cut out the unprecedented era, we will carry out a special shooting for only one day. So to speak, this work is "another Spin", and it is a new work created by "Layer", which is the accumulation of two people after the two years since then-the battle between the new coronavirus and humankind.
This time, I am using a special kraft paper that is rare for my photobook. We hope you enjoy the unique texture and the transparency of the colors.


Masatoshi Nagase




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